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AI is fundamentally about learning from data and making decisions based on data. Adopting AI products naturally guides you towards a data-driven organization.

Move over algorithms, hello mathematical models

Before machine learning, AI was implemented primarily with rules. Given this input, do this. If x is greater than y, do that. An explicit sequence of rules is at the heart of programming and algorithms. Fixed rules are rigid and break whenever a new input is encountered. And as AI systems get more complex, it is hard to manage an ever-growing set of rules.

Machine learning replaces fixed rules. Machine learning models make decisions based on input data. They learn the rules based on training data that relates inputs to outputs. The output is typically a class, like gender or part-of-speech, or even sentiment. The models are typically represented as a massive matrix of numbers.

The Pez.AI platform is built on a foundation of mathematics and machine learning. Given a user utterance, we apply models that classify language, determine the intent, extract structured data (slots). We also have high-level models that give our bots intelligence. Our bots detect ambiguous questions and automatically ask for clarification. Our bots handle unseen input but also decide whether an utterance is completely new. In the former case, the bot will answer on its own. In the latter case, it will escalate to a human for help.

AI is about people, not technology

Good architecture and design is felt but not always seen. Despite the bling and hype associated with AI these days, good AI isn’t flashy and may even be invisible. People-centric AI focuses on improving user experience:

  • AI facilitates efficient collaboration – Interactions that used to require waiting can now be handled on-demand.
  • AI personalizes every interaction – As social creatures, we like the human touch. Chatbots transform impersonal tasks into enjoyable interactions
  • AI naturally learns – Whereas rules-based systems require human administration, AI chatbots learn on their own. That means less need for human intervention

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