Gain visibility into every initiative with automated project management


Maximize the throughput of your Kanban processes

  Project Management
  Talent Development
  Performance Review

Plan and schedule releases with confidence

Ensure tasks have time estimates and due dates
Proctor computes a concrete completion date for each release by ensuring all cards have requirements and a time estimate.

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Ensure that no tasks slip through the cracks

Ensure active tasks have daily updates
It’s easy to lose track of tasks when juggling a big project. Proctor effortlessly keeps track of multiple releases and boards ensuring that active cards have daily updates.

Focus on making decisions, not gathering information

Follow up when tasks are lates
Proctor automatically follows up with card owners whenever their card is overdue to update the due date and provide a reason for being late. That way you have the information you need to assess the situation and adjust the plan as needed.

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