Let Natasha Grow Your Twitter Audience

Natasha brings your target audience to you by finding the best posts to engage with.

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How it Works

1. Link your Twitter account

Give Natasha access to your Twitter account so she can analyze your current audience and learn how you engage with them.

How the AI Expert works

2. Let Natasha review your audience

No matter your current audience, Natasha will help you align your followers to your target audience 💖

How the AI Expert works

3. Approve Natasha’s daily plan

Adjust Natasha’s plan as you see fit. Natasha will post the reactions and remember your choices for next time.

How the AI Expert works

4. Watch your brand awareness grow

How the AI Expert works

Know your Twitter audience

Natasha analyzes your Twitter audience so you know how well it aligns with your target audience.

Increase your engagement

Let Natasha do the hard work of finding posts that appeal to your target audience and she will perform better based on your feedback to her.

Zero learning curve

Connect your social media accounts and let Natasha do her thing. No technical skills required.