Save time by only talking with pre-qualified candidates. Pez.AI Interviewer consistently interviews every candidate and automatically scores them.


Remove bias from hiring

Resumes are filled with bias and lead to poor decisions. Structured interviews give more insight into candidates without revealing their gender, race, age, and or other sources of unconscious bias. Interviewer conducts structured interviews for every candidate to remove bias and save time.


Pre-qualify candidates using a custom rubric

Interviewer helps identify the candidates best suited to your company by applying custom evaluation criteria to the interview transcripts. You decide how to score and weight responses according to your needs. Interviewer applies this rubric so you only see qualified candidates.

Interviews with a human touch

Hiring is a two-way street, and a quality candidate experience is essential. Unlike application forms or video interviews, Interviewer asks questions based on the user’s experience, just like a human recruiter would. It also provides encouragement, which helps candidates feel at ease and makes the experience more enjoyable.


Join the Interviewer beta

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