You've got AI

Leverage the power of state-of-the-art deep learning and artificial intelligence technology without the punishing learning curve.

Initial Training

As with humans, training your AI workforce is key to getting great outcomes. Pez.AI Experts learn by reading. Just email them a document to learn from, and you’re done! You can verify that your AI Expert has successfully completed his training by asking him questions in test mode. When you are satisfied with his responses, switch to live mode.

Picture about Initial Training

Continuous Learning

As with human assistants, your AI Expert won’t always know how to respond to a situation. In these cases, your AI workforce learns on the fly. Whenever your AI Expert encounters a message he doesn’t understand, he will ask you for guidance. Tell him how to respond, and he’ll remember it for next time.

Picture about Continuous Learning


Some situations need to be handled by those with more experience or authority. In these cases, a human worker is instructed to escalate to someone with more seniority. The same is true to your AI workforce. Tell them which situations should be escalated directly to you, and they will do so faithfully.

Picture about Escalation

Personalization and Data Integration

Customers are best served when staff know the individual situation for each customer. As with their human counterparts, your AI workforce can retrieve customer information stored in spreadsheets or databases.

Picture about Personalization and Data Integration