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The Fallback Expert is the default user for Expert. On Slack, the user who installed the Expert bot in a workspace is assigned as the Fallback Expert.

All incoming questions will be directed to the Fallback Expert unless a topic and SME has already been assigned to a question.

The Fallback Expert must have a broad knowledge about the organization. This could be any senior employee in the company with high familiarity of various processes and systems of the company.


The Expert bot is an AI-powered chatbot that immediately answers customer or employee inquiries. It answers questions it has the answers to, and automatically hands off to human experts when it doesn’t.

With dynamic training, new interactions are automatically recorded in its knowledge base so it can answer similar questions by itself in the future.


The Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a user who is knowledgeable in one or more organizational topics.

There are no assigned SMEs upon installation of the Expert bot on Slack. An SME can be appointed[1] (when the fallback assigns a user as an SME), or self-assigned[2] (when a user sends the bot a message).

SMEs should have a deep understanding of topics assigned to them.

Communicate with simplicity

Ask a question

Type your question through your Pez.AI Expert app. Keep it in simple text format.


Hand off questions

Assign SMEs to answer different topics. When handing off questions, it is important to assign a topic to a question, so your Expert bot can categorize data as it builds its lexicon.

[1]The Fallback Expert can hand off questions (and automatically assign SMEs). SMEs can hand off questions to other SMEs.
Hand off questions in this format: Ask <@username>, s/he knows about <topic>.


Answer questions

Reply directly to the Expert bot to answer a question. Keep it simple in text format, or add a direct link to an additional reference.


Self-assign as SME

[2]A user can volunteer to be an SME. Let the bot know you’re the expert in a topic by sending a message in this format: I know about <topic>.


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