Increase transparency in schedule coordination with Expert for Remote Work.

Easily coordinate and manage workforce capability, update work schedules, make time tracking simple, all with a single chatbot.



Make your #TeamVisible


Centralized schedule tracking

Minimize waiting and miscommunication by using Expert for Remote Work to centralize and update schedules. With simple chat conversations, team members can ask Expert about a colleague’s general work hours, or current availability, and also get a response instantly.

Now conversation becomes coordination — fast, easy and transparent for remote teams.

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Data Integration

Expert for Remote Work gives you visibility on each of your team member’s status. Through a simple integration with Google Sheets, Expert for Remote Work updates schedules, and statuses in real-time. From the time someone punches the clock or takes a break, Expert is your team’s dedicated concierge that handles updates and schedule coordination.


Time tracking SOON

Expert for Remote Work offers a simple solution in time tracking. For instance, Expert understands “I’m logging in.” or “I’m on a break.” Expert contextualizes these statements to record activities and create time logs. With Google Sheets integration, these data can be used to analyze productivity.


Make your #TeamVisible



Add Expert to where your team is, simple channel integrations.
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Data integration with Google sheets keeps your team’s documentation easy and up-to-date.
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