Coordination, documentation, and knowledge sharing becomes easier and faster with Expert.

Regardless of locations or timezones, organizational knowledge becomes available in a single place at any time with a single chatbot. Expert lessens the legwork and the waiting in getting information.



Using pre-built dialogue packs, Expert chatbots require no complex coding and training.

expert-task-manager chat answer

Never look for information again

We waste 20% of our workweek searching for information or tracking down the right person to answer our questions. Expert is your single point of contact to answer all your questions. It does the legwork of tracking people down to find the right person to answer your question. lexicon

Never answer the same question twice

We all want to be helpful, but answering the same questions over and over is a drag. These distractions prevent us from doing more valuable work. Expert learns the answers you give and only asks for help when it gets a new question.

No upfront training needed

All AI needs data to learn. Most chatbots require upfront training, which is a huge cost. With Expert, training happens naturally and continuously, with every question answered. That means no worrying about intents, slots, or any other mumbo jumbo. You save time with Expert from day one.

Use Expert throughout your business

Customer Service customer-service_use-case

Your customers want personalized service. They would rather ask a question than search product documentation. Expert gives each customer immediate, personalized attention. Only get involved when an issue is escalated and needs human judgment.

Developer Q&A developer q&a use case

Engineers and developers are expected to remember so much. But it’s hard to keep it all in your head. And when you don’t know, it’s easier to ask a colleague than search for documentation. With Expert, you can ask as much as you want, and it will cheerfully find you the command or document you’re looking for.

HR Onboarding hr-onboarding use case

With staffing ratios of 1 HR professional to 100 employees, HR staff are strapped for time. With Expert on call, all the easy questions can be automated away. HR associates reclaim lost time to focus on more challenging issues or strategic work.

IT Helpdesk it-helpdesk use case

Many IT problems are easy to solve with documented solutions. Yet the IT Helpdesk must field these questions regardless. Expert can take on all Level 1 support, freeing up human staff for more challenging issues.

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