Struggling to know what to believe and who to trust about the latest COVID-19 developments?
We get it. Google returns too many results that are outdated or contradict each other. Social media is, well, social media.

Now there’s a better way to get answers to your coronavirus questions.



Your reliable go-to bot for credible information on all things CoVid-19. Whether you’re looking for answers or just somebody to talk to, you’ve got a confidant in CoVidant.


Ask anything.

CoVidant is pre-trained with information and resources for hundreds of topics related to coronavirus including diagnosis, self-isolation, remote work, what to do in quarantine. CoVidant is powered by our Expert technology, so if it doesn’t know, a human will respond to give you an answer.


– What is COVID-19?
– How can I prevent the virus from spreading?
– What is social distancing?
– Where can I donate to help?

Stay current.

No need to scan multiple sites for the latest information. CoVidant updates case counts, quarantine zones, and other timely information daily. It uses Expert’s powerful spreadsheet integration to retrieve data-driven responses just for you.


– What’s the latest news?
– Is the US on lockdown?
– What’s the overall situation for COVID-19?
– Is SXSW cancelled?


Have some fun.

These are serious times, but we still need to laugh and have fun. Ask CoVidant for some healthy distractions.


– Any good news?
– How can I get social with my friends?
– Are there songs I can sing while washing my hands?
– I’m bored.

Enjoying CoVidant?

Pez.AI is happy to keep CoVidant running and up-to-date in this time of crisis. If you feel the same, please consider helping our team so we can continue help the world.