Answers for nothing

and the docs for free

Stop looking for answers

We spend 20% of our working time looking for information. Not only do we waste our own time, we waste the time of everyone we recruit to help us.

Search is a symptom, not a solution

Where are the answers to our questions? They can be hidden in email, documents, portals, or a colleague’s brain. No matter the source, it’s difficult to find and retrieve the information.

Documentation is rarely a priority

Can’t we just document everything and be done with it? Unfortunately, documentation is rarely a priority. When has anyone gotten a promotion for documentation?

Never answer the same question twice

What if we can automatically produce documentation whenever experts answer questions? What if an expert never needs to answer the same question twice? What if askers never have to find an expert?

Askers only need to ask Pez.AI Expert. It answers questions it knows, otherwise it finds an expert to answer the question for it. In the future, Pez.AI Expert can answer the question on its own, saving the expert valuable time.