Cultivate a partnership between humans and AI

How we design the AI workplace

What do our ideal processes look like?

Idealized processes focus on the what and not the how. For example, resumes are how people evaluate potential candidates. The goal is to find candidates that will succeed in your organization. Ideally, all candidates would be given a structured interview, which has the highest predictive power.

How can we best leverage AI to facilitate and streamline these processes?

AI adds personalization to otherwise impersonal automation. Chatbots can tirelessly interview every candidate consistently and cheerfully.

Where does it make sense for humans to be in the process?

Humans excel in synthesizing information and making decisions despite uncertainty. In our hiring process, humans evaluate candidates based on responses to a structured interview. This strikes an optimal balance between AI and human tasks.

What insights can help us make better decisions?

Automation is only half the story of AI. Chatbot interactions are saved as text data. Insights from these data help transition your business from reactive firefighting to proactive improvement.

The future of work is now

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