Give Your Customers The Personalized Attention They Deserve

Cassie is an AI chatbot that cheerfully answers customer questions 24/7 over webchat and email.

AI Expert image


How it Works

1. Create a rule to forward your emails to Cassie

How the AI Expert works

2. When a customer asks a question, Cassie responds based on her training

How the AI Expert works

3. If Cassie doesn’t know the answer, she asks for help

How the AI Expert works

Eliminate wait times

Customers hate waiting for a reply. Cassie keeps visitors engaged by answering questions immediately.

Pre-qualify prospects

Cassie gauges customer interest by engaging with your website visitors. Learn why people visit your site and what they need.

Provide a consistent experience

Ensure your customers get a consistent, personalized experience whether they get in touch on your website or over email.