Work with Us

Open Position

Full Stack Developer

Location: Mandaluyong/Cavite

Main Responsibilities

We are a small team, so we expect you to be largely self-sufficient. You can take loose product requirements and help define technical specifications and test plans. You’ll get to propose designs for your solutions and implement them as you see fit. You’ll be responsible for taking ownership of our technology and taking it to the next level. Depending on your experience and skills, this may include:

  • Collaborate with the product team on UX of Cassie and Natasha
  • Determine technical feasibility of proposed features
  • Update the architecture as appropriate to support new features
  • Implement new responsive GUI features
  • Implement new backend features to support model jobs and real-time requests
  • Define and implement APIs
  • Define data models and choose appropriate data store technology for each use case
  • Define and automate test suites
  • Monitor production system for runtime errors
  • Collaborate with product and CX teams to write end-user documentation
  • Audit security of the platform


Every Full Stack Developer brings her own set of talents and experiences. Our ideal candidate isn’t necessarily an expert in every field. We are looking for well-rounded individuals that can apply diverse experiences to solve technical problems. You are qualified for this role if you meet at least half of the following list of requirements:

  • Python REST-based APIs (at least 2 years)
  • Bash scripting
  • JavaScript (at least 2 years), CSS and HTML
  • Vue.js or other functional reactive programming frameworks
  • Functional programming concepts (map, fold and filter)
  • Asynchronous programming and/or multithreaded programming and/or distributed programming
  • Docker container technology
  • Environment management: continuous build, automated testing, automated deployments
  • DevOps: performance monitoring/tuning, error logging/debugging, security

Other requirements

In addition, you MUST be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with spoken and written English
  • Work independently
  • Provide regular transparency in a remote workplace