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DevOps Engineer

Location: Mandaluyong/Cavite

About Pez.AI

Pez.AI is on a mission to democratize AI. We believe everyone should have access to and benefit from this amazing technology. Our goal is to create a personal AI workforce for each and every person, helping them reach their full potential.

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Job Description

The cloud is the future, and DevOps Engineers are the ones that power that future. As a DevOps Engineer, you move fluidly between the developers and the operations teams to ensure that cloud-based infrastructure runs smoothly. This includes managing deployments to the cloud, ensuring there is adequate automated testing, and monitoring the systems to detect problems.

Main Responsibilities

We are a small team, so we expect you to be largely self-sufficient. You can take loose product requirements and help define technical specifications and test plans. You’ll get to propose designs for your solutions and implement them as you see fit. You’ll be responsible for taking ownership of our technology and taking it to the next level. Depending on your experience and skills, this may include:

  • Create microservices using container technology
  • Design and implement automated testing strategies compatible with continuous deployment
  • Create and CI/CD workflows for microservices across local and cloud environments
  • Manage source code repositories and their branch management policies
  • Configure and monitor logging, performance, alerting for cloud systems
  • Investigate and resolve issues in cloud platform


Every DevOps Engineer brings her own set of talents and experiences. Our ideal candidate isn’t necessarily an expert in every field. We are looking for well-rounded individuals that can apply diverse experiences to solve technical problems. You are qualified for this role if you meet at least half of the following list of requirements:

  • At least six months of programming language experience
  • Some exposure to cloud platforms (e.g., GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • Exposure to container technology (e.g., Docker)
  • Has knowledge and/or experience in environment management: continuous build, automated testing, automated deployments
  • Has knowledge and/or experience in performance monitoring/tuning, error logging/debugging, security

Other requirements

In addition, you MUST be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with spoken and written English
  • Learn new tools quickly
  • Work independently
  • Provide regular transparency in a remote workplace