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Work With Us

We’re on a mission to help companies do more with their own AI workforce

What’s it like to work at Pez?

Pez.AI is exploring a radically different way of working, one that is sustainable and healthy for all those involved.

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We empower employees by encouraging them to pursue their passion.

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We make space for learning by allowing room for experimentation and failure.

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We emphasize personal growth and development to increase employee’s intrinsic motivation.

What’s our hiring process?

Guess what? We hire using our own chatbot technology!

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4 Easy Steps

1. Choose a role below.

2. Take the chatbot interview.

3. Conduct a final interview.

4. Receive an offer!

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Full Stack Developer

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DevOps Engineer

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Sales Development Representative (SDR)

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Customer Success Advocate (CSA)

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Growth Hacker/Product Designer

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Office Staff

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