Improve Your Hit Rate With AI-Qualified Leads

Our Boris chatbot learns how you grade your leads. Boris then grades new leads daily and sends you a sales plan targeting the highest quality leads.

AI Expert image


How it Works

1. Grade some leads

Assign a grade (and buyer persona) to some leads in your CRM. Boris learns from these examples and will grade the rest.

How the AI Expert works

2. Ask Boris to update his grading model

How the AI Expert works

3. Add new leads to your CRM

Boris grades your new leads daily based on the examples you provide.

How the AI Expert works

4. Get a daily sales plan

How the AI Expert works

Improve your hit rate

Focus on high quality leads that fit your buyer profile. Boris grades and ranks your leads daily to create a winning game plan.

Personalize outreach

Boris determines which buyer persona best fits each lead. Personalize your outreach based on the buyer persona for a higher response rate.

Build momentum

Boris adjusts daily sales plan for your team based on monthly performance to help you hit your targets.