What is a Dashboard?

The dashboard presents an overview of bot interactions to determine the peak or off times your end-users are engaging with the bot. In addition, the user can also track the number of open/closed escalations to monitor the number of resolved items/support tickets and route to support agents appropriately. These actionable data can be used for deciding when to send in marketing materials/prompts or to have additional manpower support in cases of increased escalations. Knowing the type of questions the end-users have with regards to your product/service can also help your business improve by designing a better user experience or addressing pain points. You can go to the dashboard by clicking on the Pez logo, located at the upper left corner of the screen.


The bar graph displays the interactions the bot has made with its users within a period of time, and can be filtered by day, hour and week. The ‘Mean Utterances Per Conversation’ means the average user queries/responses per session or for one conversation and estimates how engaged your end user is when interacting with the bot. The ‘Mean Conversation Duration’ measures the average time spent per session/conversation with the bot. The ‘Mean Positive Sentiment’ is the average positive sentiment score across all user conversations with the bot. The higher the score, the more satisfied the end-users are or have explicitly expressed satisfaction with the product/service.

The Bot Builder Status, located at the left side of the screen, displays the Bot Name, Bot Status, and Last Published. You can modify, customize, and train your bot by clicking on the button “Modify Bot.” ‘Bot status’ indicates whether the bot is published to your platform or not, while ‘Last Published’ indicates the last time your bot was published with the format “N days ago on Day, DD Month, YYYY” where N is the number of days between current date and previous date published.


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