How to create a bot in 5 minutes?

Creating a bot may be intimidating especially if you do not have a programming experience. Here at Pez.AI, you can create a bot in less than 5 minutes even without technical know-how or even without knowing how artificial intelligence works. Below are fast and easy steps that can help you make your first functional bot.


  1. After successful sign-up and log-in, you will be redirected to “Customize Your Bot” under “Authoring” Tab.
  2. Personalize your bot by filling up the information regarding bot name, tagline, avatar, languages, channels, welcome message, and logo, and customizing how your bot looks. For more detail on how to customize your bot, please see Customizing Your Bot.

3. Click on “Save and Continue” to start training your bot and you will be redirected to the TRAIN tab.

4. To train your bot, you will need to create dialogues so that your bot will know what to say in a conversation with the user. Create your first interaction by clicking on +Add Interaction under QUESTION-ANSWER tab. If you don’t want to create your own dialogues, you have an option to purchase pre-designed dialogues, “Add Dialog Packs”,  which is located at the left side of the screen. 


      5. To edit an interaction, click on the interaction. Here, you can edit all the utterances and responses of the bot. See How to Train Your                 Bot for more information.


      6. Click on “Train and Test Bot” to train your bot and a box will occur stating if an error has occurred or not.








      7. Once you are done training the bot, click on “Preview and Publish” so you could test and see how the bot works.









     8. Click on “Publish Bot” button to finish creating your bot.


October 15, 2018 pez_admin support

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