– What the end-user would say to or ask the bot about Note: It is possible to have several variations of utterances within the same context or addressing the same specific purpose  e.g. “How is the weather today?” “Hey. What’s the weather today? Should I bring an umbrella?”

– How the bot is configured to respond to the end-user Note: Like utterances, it is possible to have several responses to a particular utterance. Responses can be tailored to mirror the tone or branding of the company
e.g. “Today will be mostly sunny with clear skies.” “Bring your umbrella, dear, cos it will be raining.”

– A pair of utterance/s and response/s addressing a specific purpose constitute an interaction; can be referred to as a question-answer (QA) pair
e.g. “Where is your office located? (utterance); “Our office is located at Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City. (response)”: one interaction

– Interactions between the user and the bot for a specific duration; also known as a session.

Intent ID
– The specific purpose for which the interaction is created e.g. “What is weather today?” Intent ID, in this case, can be what_be:weather. Our platform can automatically generate Intent ID.

– Mismatch is an error that happens when two separate interactions include the same utterances. The error can be seen when training your bot. The goal is to have as less mismatch as possible.

September 17, 2018 brian support

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