Quick fixes to increase your brand’s Twitter engagement

Twitter bird with brand content

So you want to take your brand to Twitter. You want to be a Twitter superstar like Wendy’s or Netflix. But you only have a handful of followers now, and one of them is your mother. Not to worry — here, we put together some tried and tested action items you can do now to increase your engagement on Twitter.

First, who is on Twitter?

A Hubspot study places a big chunk of Twitter users between the ages of 18 and 29. Twitter is big on sharing thoughts and ideas on trending topics like current events. On the other hand, Facebook is mostly about connecting with friends and family. Instagram is a meticulously curated, aspirational image blog. Twitter can definitely connect people and showcase images too, but it is mostly used to interact with a wide audience in a fast-paced manner.

What counts as Twitter engagement?

Followers engage with you when they:

  • Favorite your tweet
  • Respond to your tweet
  • Retweet your tweet
  • Mention you in their tweet
  • Click on a link in your tweet

Notice that following your profile is not included in the list. While follower count is a good measure of reach, getting 100 likes when you have 100,000 followers is different from getting 100 likes out of 1,000 followers. The latter means that while your audience is relatively small, you are getting through to them with your message. This is the scenario that you want if you have a product that caters to a niche market.

How do you increase your brand’s Twitter engagement?

Gaining a huge following on any social media platform takes time, consistency, sweat, and, sometimes, tears. It means doing extensive research on trending topics and hashtags. Connecting with influencers in your industry. Spending hours putting together words, pictures, and videos that will resonate with your followers.

But, like you, we are fans of quick gratification. So here are some things you can do NOW to gain momentum in your brand’s Twitter journey.

Tweet more

If you want people to talk to you, talk to them! If you are only tweeting once a week, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any eyeballs on your profile. Start with tweeting once a day, and gradually increase your tweets as you get used to it.

Not sure what you can say? Well, what is your brand interested in? What can be helpful to your customers? Tweeting as a brand doesn’t mean pushing a product in 280 characters or less all day, everyday. You don’t want to be that person that constantly brags about their accomplishments at a party. A good rule of thumb is to share helpful content 80% of the time and promote your products 20% of the time.

For example, if you are in the fitness or sustainability industry, talk about what the experts are saying about vegan meat alternatives. If you are a business coach, tweet your opinion on Bill Gates’s reading habits, along with a link to his latest book recommendations. Then, once or twice a week, promote that landing page for your holiday promo.


Follow industry leaders. Follow hashtags that apply to your business. Click that little heart icon if you like what they say. Comment and provide insights. Retweet with your own thoughts. Mingle.

Interacting with profiles related to your brand gets you impressions from the right audience. Maybe you’ll get noticed by an influencer for retweeting their post. The next time you say something interesting, they may retweet you too. This instantly multiplies your reach, and, hopefully, gets you a piece of their massive follower pie.

Use hashtags

Make it easy for people to find your content. Working #productivity and #efficiency into your post gets you in the feed of highly motivated entrepreneurs. See what popular hashtags are relevant to you. Use them to increase your impressions too.

Use images

You are competing with hundreds of other tweets that your audience is scrolling through. Much like wearing a giant hat to a wedding, tell the world that you are important by using eye-catching images to accompany your tweets.

Do NOT buy followers

There are services out there that will get you 100 followers for a few dollars. When you have marketing money to spare, it’s hard to resist the instant spike in follower count. Resist the temptation! These profiles will not like, reply, or retweet you. They will not even read your posts. The new fake followers will bring down your engagement rate (# of reacts/# of followers) and will not even translate into sales. Or worse — you will risk getting suspended due to inauthentic behavior.

Tap into social media AI

Quick fixes — easier said than done, right? You have an inventory to manage and sales leads to pursue. Who has the time to get on Twitter 4 times a day, search for industry leaders, like their tweets, and retweet them with your own thoughtful opinion?

Still, it has to be done, and it can be done. You can tap into the power of social media AI. While you should still allot time to craft your brand’s important posts and promotions yourself, you can use AI to find relevant posts, to like them, and to retweet them. Based on your brand’s previous and actual behavior on Twitter, social media AI like Pez.AI’s Natasha will know what profiles to follow, what posts to like, and what to retweet. It can also respond to mentions as if you were doing it yourself. This way, you can stay active on Twitter even while you are busy attending to other aspects of your business.

Social media AI Natasha interacts on Twitter

Natasha interacts like you do. Image from Pez.AI.

In the end, aim to be helpful

Being helpful is important on any social media platform and in real life. An outright product pitch is not what’s going to make people trust you. Interacting with other brands, propagating content that makes people laugh, enriching your followers’ knowledge — these will get your followers to trust you, to be fond of you, and to look forward to what you will tweet tomorrow.

Interested in trying out social media AI?

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*Image from Freepik (modified).