How Do I Customize My Bot?

Customizing a bot is the first step to creating your bot and you can customize it any time. You can personalize your own bot according to a prescribed branding or specific preferences. The following features can be modified:

  • Bot Name is the name your bot will have.
  • Tagline is located below the Bot Name or Logo. It may be a description of what your company does or represents i.e. Pez. AI: Powering Data-Driven Decisions
  • Avatar is the image of the bot that appears as the ‘face’ when conversing with end-users, and can be found usually beside each chat bubble
  • Logo is the image that is found above the Tagline and may be the company logo
  • Languages are the languages that you want your bot to support. Presently, we support English, German, French, and Spanish. For free users, only one language is supported.
  • Channel is the location where you want your bot to be integrated. Presently, we support Webchat and Facebook. We will be adding Slack in the immediate future.
  • Speech-to-text allows the bot to convert voice message to text. You can toggle the switch if you want to activate the speech-to-text feature. Presently, we only support English language.
  • Pre-chat form is a form that requires input from the end-user and captures details such as ‘Name,’ ‘Phone,’ ‘E-mail,’ and ‘Question’ prior conversing with the bot. This is particularly useful when capturing leads or having a means to identify the particular end-user
  • Default Window State allows the user to control how the chat invite bubble will appear upon loading of the site. ‘Show chat invite bubble only’ shows the customized chat invite bubble only upon loading of the site. ‘Show chat conversation’ presents a chat pop-up where users can immediately converse with the bot upon loading of the site while ‘Show and expand chat conversation’ present an expanded chat pop-up. This feature is only applicable to webchat.
  • Chat Invite Message is the message inside the chat bubble that end-users see prior to clicking and conversing with the bot
  • Background allows the user to change the background color of of chat bubble
  • Text allows the user to change the text color of chat bubble
  • Welcome Message is a standard greeting from the bot prior to conversing with the end-user
  • Div ID is the ID that the user needs to provide in case the user has a specific positioning in mind for the web widget. The default positioning of the web widget is at the bottom right of the website
  • Embed Code is the code that the user would need to put at the end of the body (before the /body html tag) to integrate the web widget with the chosen website


Below are the steps to customize your bot:

  1. Click “Authoring” tab.
  2. Click on “Customize Your Bot”.
  3. Fill in the details for your bot.


October 15, 2018 pez_admin support

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