Pez.AI currently has positions open in our Manila, Philippines office.

QA Test Engineer

Testing is a fundamental part of science and engineering. As engineers, tests enable us to identify limitations in our systems as well as verify behavior. In science, experiments are tests that confirm or disprove a hypothesis. As a data science and AI company, testing is pivotal to our success and is how we establish certainty and credibility.

Effective QA requires empathy, where you must place yourself in the shoes of users. It also requires creativity to find edge cases that the software team didn’t consider. Our QA Test Engineers are expected to automate their tests, and all new employees are taught the principles of testing and test automation. If you are inquisitive, detail-oriented, and have a penchant for breaking things, come join us!

Experience: Entry Level

Job Function: Information Technology

Employment Type: Full-time

Location: Manila, Philippines


Our QA Test Engineers play a central role in the development of our AI system. They work with product managers, customer experience, devops, and R&D to define, review, and automate tests. Product managers define use cases and workflows that users take on the system. QA Test Engineers work with R&D to identify tests suitable for the use cases. Not all test cases can be automated, and QA Test Engineers are responsible for documenting them and prioritizing them for automation. QA Test Engineers will also work with R&D to automate model validation tests for our machine learning algorithms. QA Test Engineers also work with devops to ensure tests are properly automated within the build system and also help create diagnostic tests that can identify problems in the production environment. From a strategic perspective, QA Test Engineers help drive continuous improvement. They help identify trends in test failures, which can drive new initiatives.

We are hiring entry level candidates that are excited about pursuing the above responsibilities in their career. We actively teach and train new hires to grow into this role. If you are passionate about learning, then you are qualified!


To be successful in this role, you need to:

  • Be detail-oriented, so you can document test cases (algorithms) precisely, without room for misinterpretation
  • Be disciplined, so you can follow documented procedures consistently to ensure repeatability in manual tests
  • Be familiar with at least one programming language. You should know the basic control structures and be able to write functions
  • Be comfortable writing and speaking English

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