Hiring Process

We hire using our own chatbot technology. Our hiring bot changes the way hiring is done. Most hiring decisions are based on unreliable information: the resume. Candidates optimize resumes to game automated resume screeners, while those making hiring decisions can be biased by gender, race, age, academic background. This results in a lot of missed talent.

Why do we use resumes in the first place? Because interviewing is expensive (and also unreliable). Until now. With our hiring bot, interviewing becomes cheap. It also removes unconscious bias by guaranteeing a structured interview that never veers off course. And to level the playing field, we provide all our interview questions in advance, so everyone has time to prepare.

  • Structured Interview

    Take a structured interview via chatbot

  • Pre-screen

    The bot scores your responses based on an explicit rubric

  • Human evaluation

    The hiring team scores your responses

  • Interview

    Resume is reviewed and human interview scheduled

  • Decision

    Hiring decision is made

Our hiring bot flips the traditional hiring process on its head. We start with an unbiased interview that everyone can take. Those who complete the interview give a strong signal that they care about the job.

We combine the best of artificial and human intelligence to streamline the hiring process. Our chatbot conducts consistent and fair structured interviews with all candidates. The scoring rubric is transparent to give everyone equal opportunity. Finally, humans evaluate candidate responses to determine cultural and behavioral fit. The result: more efficient interviews and higher quality interviews.

Ready to apply? Take the interview on our sister site Just Interview Me. With one interview, you can get many opportunities from different employers. Click the button to get started.

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