Brian Lee Yung Rowe


Founder, Chief Pez Head

Brian founded Pez.AI as a vehicle to pursue artificial intelligence and machine learning R&D. His first foray in AI was shortly after university, where he wrote a genetic algorithm to parse content and sentences from HTML pages. Afterward, he implemented his own self organizing map (aka Kohonen network). He founded his first company, Cenozoa, to commercialize the technology as a fuzzy search/recommendation engine. After winding down Cenozoa, Brian joined the world of finance, where he developed tools for quantitative research at Bridgewater Associates, Merrill Lynch, and GAMA. Brian has also designed models to price 22000 bonds in near real-time, credit, built an exchange for interest rate swaps, created models to classify clauses within contracts, forecast individual consumer spending. Brian has released numerous open source packages, including a library for optimizing portfolios using random matrix theory and shrinkage estimation. He is writing two books, Introduction to Reproducible Science in R and Modeling Data With Functional Programming In R, both to be published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press. Brian was formerly an adjunct professor and taught mathematics, machine learning, and NLP at the CUNY MS Data Science program and the Baruch MS Quantitative Methods program.



Data Science Engineer

As a data science engineer, my role is to develop system components and wiring while helping others to ensure quality and on time delivery.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

Everything and anything! At Pez.AI, we have the freedom and are encouraged to learn what interests us. But it’s not just about learning the best algorithms and the latest tools, I’m becoming a better software engineer that solves problems by applying mathematics and behavioral sciences and, most importantly, to be able to pass on and share that information with others.



Data Science Engineer

I am a Data Science Engineer (in training) at Pez. I currently write automated tests
and make documentations on projects.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

I am learning industry-standard software development methodologies and approaches not taught in university.



Web Developer

I provide the company frontend development which includes Javascript, HTML and CSS. I am responsible for turning design mockups into dynamic webpages and doing tasks related to the UI.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

I am studying popular frontend frameworks as well as best code practices in Javascript and Python.



Data Science Engineer

I’m a data science engineer and one of the software engineering leads of the company. We’re responsible in leading the team to making good quality software that we sell to clients.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

I’m mostly dealing with the AI and software part of the platform. I’m way past the basics so now I’m learning about better code practices and architecture plus more advanced topics in machine learning and logic. Also learning about the business side of the things I’m doing! Honestly, I wear lots of hats for this company which makes it more exciting!



Data Science Engineer



Office Manager

As Office Manager, I am responsible of making sure that I am effectively managing the HR, Administrative, and Financial aspect of the business in Manila, Philippines. The Way of Pez is of great importance to us, my primary role in the company vision is to ensure staff are empowered in their job.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

The AI is something new to me which made me more interested how machine learning works and can change our lives for the better. Moreover, being a non-technical person was at first quite challenging for me at Pez. As I go along, I found myself enjoying what I do while obtaining knowledge on how the chatbot is created. Everything amazes me at Pez! People are nice and great. What else can I ask for?



Junior Project Manager

As a Project Manager, I ensure that the team is on track with their tasks, taking into consideration what is in priority as well as the team’s capacity. At this point, I am looking at how I can contribute to team’s success for them to deliver successful projects in the present and in the future.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

I am learning a lot of new things especially about data science, artificial intelligence and NLP.



Data Science Engineer

I help with the back-end of the system and I can also help in front-end from time to time.

What are you currently learning at Pez.AI?

Lots of things! Since I’m new to the industry, I’ve been learning about best programming practices, software designs and architecture, (ADD), AI and NLP, even Math and Psychology! While at it, concepts covered in college is being re-learned here too.