Our family of AI Experts is your AI workforce

Pez.AI is pushing the limits of chatbot technology to create the AI Workplace where humans and AI Experts work side by side to delight both customers and employees.


Our Story

Technology is meant to empower everyone to do great things. But with AI, massive resources are needed to harness its power. We’ve changed that. Now anyone can do more with their personal AI workforce. Our AI Experts become an extension of you to tackle sales, customer success, and other areas of a business.


A world of infinite possibilities thanks to your AI workforce.


To democratize AI so everyone can achieve greatness.

Innovative Management

Founder and CEO Brian Lee Yung Rowe was once told that “working for him is harder than to graduate school.” As a former professor of machine learning and NLP, Brian has made Pez.AI a working classroom and laboratory that focuses on guiding employees towards self-determination. Leaning on Self-Determination Theory (SDT), Brian believes that this is the most sustainable way to maximize employee performance and satisfaction.

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