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Get help with your sales, marketing, and customer service using our AI chatbots. Work with them just like your remote colleagues — over email.

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Meet your AI Experts

We’re creating an AI workforce, one chatbot at a time. Explore our team of AI Experts and learn how they can help you scale.

Natasha: Your AI Social Media Manager

Natasha tirelessly scours social media finding and commenting on relevant posts to raise your brand’s profile.

Meet Natasha

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Boris: Your AI Sales Rep

Boris grades and prioritizes your leads to build sales momentum. Receive a daily sales plan with the top leads to contact.

Meet Boris

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Cassie: Your AI Customer Success Rep

Cassie takes care of your customers. Connect to your customer database to personalize responses regarding order and shipping status, returns. For services, Cassie can help change reservations and provide updates to events.

Meet Cassie

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