Create your AI workplace with natural and artificial intelligence

Intelligent AI automation via chatbots

AI chatbots drive flexible workflows to easily automate complex business processes and workflows.

Seamless human-in-the-loop handoff and decision-making

Leverage human intelligence to provide expert help and handle complex situations.

Continuous feedback for data-driven improvement

Text-based conversations are automatically analyzed to identify key trends and insights.

Easy bot customization without programming

All bot solutions are easily customized to support your organization’s unique traits.

Solutions for HR and Operations

Why rely on resumes to make hiring decisions? Structured interviews have highest predictive power but are hard to conduct consistently and are time consuming. Use Pez.AI Hire chatbot to consistently conduct structured interviews with every candidate for fairer interviews in less time.
Knowledge Sharing
Information is everywhere, but answers are hard to find. Use Pez.AI Expert chatbot as a single source of knowledge. When it doesn't know, it asks internal experts for the answer. Experts never answer the same question twice, saving valuable time.
Performance Review
Infrequent reviews often miss the big picture. Use Pez.AI Review to conduct performance reviews more frequently with fewer questions to get an accurate 360 view of your employee's performance while saving time.