Pez.AI recently developed a trustworthy chatbot in response to the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Streamline your communication and coordination with AI-powered chatbots

Why waste countless hours looking for information and answers to your questions? Pez.AI chatbots help you reclaim lost time by doing the legwork of chasing down who has answers and following up with colleagues to get the information you need to make decisions and complete projects.

Our Chatbot Solutions


Pez.AI Expert answers questions from your customers or employees. It does the legwork of finding the right person to answer a question and remembers not just the answer but who to ask in the future for each type of question.


Pez.AI Interviewer conducts structured interviews online. Interviewer saves you time by automatically scoring candidates and gives you the pre-qualified ones. Candidates get a convenient and consistent experience with minimal hiring bias.


Pez.AI Proctor is your virtual project manager. Proctor ensures your Kanban board is up to date and accurate so you can focus on making decisions and not gathering information. Proctor monitors card activity and follows up to get updates and probes to understand why tasks are delayed.