What is the Difference Between Employee-Facing and Customer-Facing Bot?

Employee-facing bots are bots that are mainly used for internal purposes within a company or an organization. Examples of this are IT Support, HR Support, and Helpdesk. The employee-facing bot may even be used for employee onboarding and candidate assessment to decide a particular candidate’s fit within the organization. Having an employee facing bot re-creates the people process and breaks down bureaucratic procedures within the organization addressing any immediate concerns or questions of a particular employee.

Customer-facing bots interact with the company’s customers or end-users. E-commerce sites, for example, can utilize our chatbot when dealing with customer support, product returns, and product delivery among other things. A company may even utilize our chatbot and integrate with the company website to answer questions on hiring, company mission-vision, and history among other things. Our chatbot can even be used for capturing leads when end-users visit the website.  Integration for both employee and customer-facing bots is currently limited to Web chat and Facebook. We are working hard to include Slack integration in our future product release.

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October 15, 2018 Joanie Ipili support

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