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Panoptez provides a handful of commands to interact with the platform. Commands start with a bang (!) and are case sensitive. The !help command returns a URL to the documentation.



Counters are simple time-based data series useful for counting things. Since they are time-based, it is easy to analyze the behavior of the counter over time.

Incrementing counters

!incr key – Increment the counter key. Panoptez will create the counter if it doesn’t exist.

Increment the variable “coffee”.

Real-valued counters

!put key value – Append an arbitrary value to the counter key.

Append the value 14 to the variable “standup”.


Plot ordered/time series data

!plot k1 k2 ... – Plot time series data. Multiple time series can be plotted in the same chart.
Plot the variable “standup”.

Compare support requests with development commit activity.

Plot the histogram of a data series

!hist key
Plot the distribution of wait times for support requests

!xyplot y ~ x – Generate an XY plot.


!pez – For more sophisticated interaction, use the pez interpreter to execute statements. Any valid pez statement is allowed. The result will be posted to the channel. Learn more about pez.