The Neural Networks of Pez.AI

Panoptez is now Pez.AI

Panoptez is now Pez.AI. Why the change? We’ve added a conversational AI interface on top of our data analysis platform to improve the experience for non-technical people. That means you can talk to Pez.AI in Slack like you would talk to a business analyst or data scientist. Based on the conversation, Pez.AI identifies what you want and executes code to get your answers. Under the hood, the same Pez language you’ve grown to love powers the analysis and platform, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our first conversational application targets Google Analytics. You’ll be able to ask Pez.AI questions about your web traffic stats and trends in plain English. Pez.AI does all the hard work of constructing GA queries and summarizing the results right in Slack. And since Pez.AI is always there for you, you can get insights whenever you need them.

Everyone on the beta list will have early access to the GA application. We’ll be rolling out instances within the next few weeks. We’ve streamlined the installation to under 30 seconds, so you’ll be able to get insights quickly.

In other news, we also have a few partnerships in the works for more enterprise applications in the finance and customer service verticals. If you are interested in a partnership opportunity or would like custom AI development, give us a shout.

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