Our Story

Brian’s aha moment with text messaging was when he first saw Slack service integrations. These integrations push event data from 3rd party services directly into a group messaging environment. Data from across the enterprise, from marketing, to sales, customer support, project management can be channeled into the same place. In large organizations, data is spread out across the silos of the organization. It’s hard to extract value from data when it’s so fragmented. If there was a way to capture and structure all the data going into a messaging environment, it would be the easiest way to conduct a strategic analysis of the business, without getting bogged down in each silo’s bureaucracy. Ingesting and transforming data is easy, but providing an easy-to-use interface to analyze the data is hard. Brian wrote his own interactive programming language to use inside Slack, so business analysts could write and share functions to visualize data. Ultimately this wasn’t user-friendly. After a bit of soul searching, Brian decided that the concept was sound, but the interface needed to change. With years of experience in AI, Brian decided that conversation was a better interface. Hence, Pez.AI was born.

It turns out that there’s a wealth of information in just customer interactions. But even with a rich dataset, it can be difficult for organizations to know what to with insights derived from data. Pez.AI is therefore focused on creating easy-to-use workflows that enable businesses to continuously learn and improve based on customer interactions. Conversations thus becomes the catalyst for not just understanding customers but learning from them.