Insights from Google Analytics by chat

Pez.AI is a conversational AI for data analysis. Ask Pez.AI questions about your website traffic and trends in plain English.

Seamless integration with Slack

Your conversations and operational events are all in Slack, so why not answers to your Google Analytics questions? Since Pez.AI is conversational, you can quickly get answers to analysis questions and discuss with your colleagues without ever leaving Slack.

Immediate answers to immediate questions

Pez.AI is always available to provide answers when you need them. That means no more waiting around for priorities to change, resources to become available, data to be accessible, dashboards to be built.

Statistics with no learning curve

Pez.AI is conversational, so there's no need to remember formulas, metrics, dimensions. Just tell Pez.AI what information you want, and it will guide you through additional questions as needed to perform the analysis.

Pez.AI for #slack is one of the most powerful data analytics tools we've tried yet. Simple interactions, powerful insights. Peter Zhang

Zero configuration

Integrate with Slack in less than 30 seconds

No programming

Enjoy the benefits of data science without writing macros or code

Instant data visualizations

When words aren't enough, Pez.AI posts rich visualizations directly into your Slack channel


Transparent data capture

Pez.AI captures your service integration data so you can get even more insights

Drag and drop ready

Add to your analysis by dragging data directly into Slack

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